MONOGRAPH REVIEW: KARASIK V.I. THE LANGUAGE STAIRCASE OF COGNITION. – Moscow: State institute of the Russian language named after A.S. Pushkin, 2022. – 462 p.

Oparina E.O., Rarenko M.B.


In the book by V.I. Karasik the object of research is various types of texts that are comprehended in the conceptual, plot (interpretative) and discursive dimensions. Linguistic and cultural concepts are studied, dramatic plots based on the material of the Russian and English languages are considered. Particular attention is paid to the issue of speech behavior of bilinguals. It is noted that playful bilingualism is often used as a technique to create a comic effect in different types of texts. The need for a systematic study of network discourse is emphasized, since its development and influence on consciousness and personal characteristics largely determine the language and speech activity in the modern world, transform the worldviews inherent in languages. V.I. Karasik outlines directions for further research in the chosen paradigm: the development of linguistic semiotics; creation of new models of linguocultural language learning; identification and analysis of new discourse formats and their impact on linguistic personalities.


linguoculturology; (linguo)cultural concepts; discourses (institutional, private, internet, media); network language personality; literary plots; pragmatics of communicative actions; bilingualism.

DOI: 10.31249/ling/2023.04.05

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