VI international scientific and practical conference “NEW WORLD. NEW LANGUAGE. NEW THINKING” (February 03, 2023, Moscow) [A message on a scientific event]

Kryukova O.S., Rarenko M.B.


On February 3, 2023, The Diplomatic Academy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation held the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference “New World. New language. New thinking”. The organizers were the Departments of the Russian and foreign languages. Both domestic and foreign researchers took part in the conference. The conference participants focused their attention on the issues of language in the aspect of the rapidly changing realities of modernity. A number of reports were devoted to the problems of language teaching, translation, and intercultural communication.


Russian; Russian as a foreign language; language contacts; language conflicts; translation; intercultural communication; teaching; distance education; Russian universities.

DOI: 10.31249/ling/2023.03.11

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