Monograph review: SOCIAL NETWORKS: A COMPLEX LINGUISTIC ANALYSIS. Vol. III: The Linguoconflictological Aspect: monograph / ed. N.D. Golev; editor-in-chief YE.V. Novgorodova. – Kemerovo, 2022. – 384 p.

Синельникова Л.Н.


The collective monograph deals with a series of problems related to network communication. Based on significant empirical data, it analyses a range of internet genres and suitably related texts, which demonstrate the features of the conflictogene discourse. It describes the digital genres which produce social conflicts: commentary, trolling, flaming, cyberbullying and others. In the multi-level interdisciplinary approach to the study of conflictology problems, special attention is given to the linguistic expertise of network conflict texts. The materials of the monograph confirm that network conflicts are taking new forms and rules of institualisation.


network conflict; linguoconflictology; conflictogene environment; conflict strategies and tactics; linguistic expertise.

DOI: 10.31249/ling/2023.02.06

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